Not a bug Problem with "Test Permissions" in ACP


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  1. Restrict a forum to "View Node" only permissions (Allow - View Node, Revoke - for all other options); the forum will then be shown as (Private) on the forum home page.
  2. Go to Admin Panel and use "Test Permissions" on an user, that is affected by the "View Node" only permission.
  3. You'll see the forum marked as "(Private)", but when clicking the forum, you'll see older threads that really exist, but you cannot see current threads or view any of those threads.
The problem only occurs when using the "Test Permissions" feature in Admin Panel and it appears, that only threads that have been created in previous releases of XenForo are affected (I can see threads from 2015 and older only), currently or newly created threads are not affected by this bug.
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Are the older threads ones that you created? They would still be visible on the basis that you can see your own threads (but not others'). The lack of permission to view thread content would mean that you can't go into them (but you can see them listed). This would all be expected and correct.
You are right, I am the OP of all those threads, but I am not testing my own permissions, I am testing the permissions of another forum user, and it's still displaying threads I've created.
That is expected.

When testing permissions you are still logged in as you, but someone else's permissions are applied.

FWIW the Test Permissions feature because of this has limited use compared to something such as the Analyze Permissions feature. It's recommended that you use that over Test Permissions.
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