As designed  Test permissions showing wrong permissions


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I'm playing around with allowing/not allowing guests to the forum, and I set the "Unregistered / Unconfirmed" usergroup's permission to "yes" for everything. (I know, not lifelike, that's not the point. :))

I also set the registration options to require e-mail confirmation.

This ended up giving a brand new, unconfirmed user full moderator access to the forum. So far so good, this is what the permissions give him.

BUT: when I go to "Test permissions" in the Admin CP, and enter this user's name, I end up seeing different permissions. The permissions I see do NOT allow the user to moderate, while in fact he is able to do that.


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The permissions are applied to you. You don't get the unconfirmed permissions unless your user is unconfirmed. The test permissions code shows what permissions that user would actually receive based on their user groups and user permissions. It doesn't relate to the unconfirmed state.


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There are certain things that are user specific--banning and confirmation state are two--that can't be tested by this. I can see your point, though it mostly rises from a situation that I don't think will happen in reality. :)