Private forums accessed by secondary ranks.


Ok folks, I've tried a bunch of different things and I am sure I am just missing something small to get this to work so I need some help.

I am trying to create private forums that are accessed by a users secondary user group. This was users have access to multiple private forums.

An example would be this
Ranks are used for a users primary group. I.E. Patrol Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, etc..
The primary user group also accesses a private forum for that group. I.E. Patrol Officers = Patrol Officers, Sergeant's = Sergeant's. Lieutenant's = Supervisors, etc..

Here is my issue. Some Patrol Officers are also Traning Instructors, Evidence Custodians, Bike Patrol Officers, etc. I want to make private forums for these groups and allow access to them by creating user groups and assigning those user groups to people as a secondary user group.

I've tried this on my testaccount and for some reason, I can't seem to get it right.

I have all my primary groups(ranks) with a display styling priority of 50 and I was setting the secondary groups (for private forum access only) as 10.

I also have the primary user groups with custom user titles showing the persons rank.
So if I read it correctly, for example I am a Sergeant but also an Evidence Custodians

You would want me to have access to the Sergeants forum as my primary group, and Evidence Custodians forum as a secondary? But nothing else correct?
I think your probably overthinking things with your permissions.

Reset all your node permissions to default, then go into each node and set it as a "Private Node"

Next, go into each nodes permissions, and for the group you want to allow to see that node, set "Can View Node" to "Allow"

Now, whenever you add someone to a group as primary or secondary, they will have access to the relevent forums :)
I believe I figured it out. I was going into each user group and allowing all their permissions per node or denying permission. I only had to go into and allow the ones I wanted access. Waaaay easier. lol Thanks for letting me know I was over thinking the issue. You hit the nail right on the head!

This thread can be closed. Issue solved. THANKS!!!!
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