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Price = Instant Put Off

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by Cheese, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. Cheese

    Cheese New Member

    Dear XenForo,
    I was a long term VB user and when I heard about a new board software from ex VB designers I was thinking " Yes maybe a decent board ". Now I didnt expect the software to be free but I never expected that I would have to pay out the same price for XF as I would for VB. XF is in the starting stages of its life and guess what the price should reflect this. There is still very little support,mods,users and the fact the software is still in its opening version [still in beta too] really put me off purchasing the software.

    I am sure I am not the only user who walked into XF and pretty muched walked straight out after seeing a price that matchs VB. Would it have not been a smarter idea to start the software at a lower price say $60 - 70 and increase the price over time as a support system and development level similar to VB was created. This would have also helped to increase the amount of users who would pick your software over VB.

    Now dont get me wrong so far the software seems incredable but the question on my mind as I am sure alot of others is "What garante do I have that this will continue". The chances of VB going under is about 1% the chances for a site about 7 months old is about 80%. Because of this simple fact placing a large amount of cash for pretty similar software [lets not ballshit most community software is similar]. More so when currently the amount of mods and support is lesser than that of free forum software SMF.

    Well thats all I wanted to say. I hope you wont see this as an attack or just a rage from a nobody. I wanted to simply explain my doubts that I bet alot of other possible clients will have also. Also I think that an "Affordable Vbulleten Alternative" would have made more sence than an "Similar Priced Software Created From Vbulletens Developers". Well think it over as I can say this now. One of the current problems with vbulleten is they seem to care more about money than they do quality and the fact you want the same price as such an early stage of your sites development does not give great confidence that XF will not follow they way of VB.

    ps to simply put it

    - Vbulleten - Huge Developer Community , Mods , Skins , Features , Updates , Long Term Company = Around $140

    - XenoForo - New to communtiy software - Low Developer Community , Software lacks range as large as Vbulleten, Has some amazing features , Skin + Mod + Updates still very lacking. = Around $140

    You do the maths and tell me if you WAS not a user of VB or XF and was about to pick one what would you truly rather pay $140 for if you was a complete amature with community software as most clients are.
  2. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Hi and Welcome to XenForo.

    I have a question for you...... when was vB EVER sold for $140? It wasn't. Not even when it first went out.

    So I'm betting that anyone reading this thread is not real sure where you're even coming from.
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  3. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum and why not find out what makes it so special?

    Last time I looked, the price of just the vb forum was $195 not $140. The suite is $285. And it's still in beta as well, it just calls itself "stable".

    Also, the mod/designer community is growing by leaps and bounds considering it's only been released to the public for just over 2 months.

    And yes, I would if I were just coming aboard, pay the $140 but I got lucky and was here for the Early Adopters Sale the first day.

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  4. Cheese

    Cheese New Member

    Now Liz,

    I admit I made a mistake about the basic package price. I bought mine a group lot 50+ dont ask why you dont need to know and this comes to around $150 still wrong but hay we all make mistakes.

    Now to the main point. You are speaking from a member who has not JUST joined. I do not believe for even one minute that if you was a new client you would say this. Your signature alone proves that your point of view can not be non bais. Also please do not tell me that the price does not put people off. You only have to search the forums to see this as not being the case. Also you have to take into account more likely only %2 of people who do not own XenoFono would even bother to join this communtiy and out of that 2% only half would actually post about this. Then the amount of lost clients could easily total huge numbers.

    Now you say the mod designer group is growing. Its growing its not a fully fledge adult yet its still an infant by the standards of other community software so lets not jump to far ahead. Also alot of these modders are from VB and I really do wonder how fast if VB was to come out with a more advanced version would your clients stay. Remember any thing you can create VB can create too. So unless you have somethign to set your self apart then you will always be fighting against a company that is one step ahead or able to side step you.

    Remember $140 is still A DAMN LOT for some people. So paying it for a new community software seems more like a gamble than a sound investment
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  5. Quillz

    Quillz Well-Known Member

    Where did you get these statistics, or did you just make them up?
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  6. lemonadesoda

    lemonadesoda New Member

    Ah, so there is an "in-crowd" early adopter group who paid less? Shame I missed that!

    Well XF can't reduce the price now without upsetting many recent license buyers. But with the legal case and unknown D-day I guess the fence sitters will sit it out a little longer until the future and extended value (addons, mods etc) are known.

    I think the value proposition for XF will be much clearer in 6 months time.

    PS. Cheese, don't let your disappointment of vB affect your perception of XF
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  7. Cheese

    Cheese New Member

    Simply put Quillz it is already know that a large percentage of new companies do not even last a year.
    You may say xenoforo will but I bet alot of sites say that too. The fact is once XF reaches a year I will be the first to put my hand in my pocket and pay $140 but until then its still possible it will do.

    Also with all the so called court action against XF paying $140 is really offputing. I see a site may go under and is already in court against other sites then it really doesnt make you want to risk hard earned cash with no garante XF will be here in 6 months
  8. Blandt

    Blandt Well-Known Member

    Developers have to eat :)

    60 or 70 box won't even buy you a decent skin ;) .. then your comparison with vB is not valid because once the supposedly better vB5 comes out, Guess what ? you will pay say ... $300 ? maybe more :D

    with xF you pay $140 then $40 / year for the rest of your software life ... even xF 15 ;) I see that you like showing us numbers ... so do this for us :

    How much vB will cost you in 5 years ?
    How much xF will cost you in 5 years ? .... do the math and see for your self ;)
  9. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    I think 140 is prime price especially for the potential here. Would you suggest them make the business move of charging a fee of 60-70 because it's in an "infant stage" but when they reach a certain amount of mods, or styles they instantly jack up the price? Sounds like something other companies may do, sure it'd be nice for those who got in for 60-70 but unfair for many others.

    As for the bulk pricing(which it seems like you're referring to it) they haven't come up with a solid solution for that. I believe it's something they want to touch on but it's not a priority.

    People know instantly coming into this software that it's still beta, that the mod/style community is not as large as some, however... this beta seems more rock solid then other software.

    The price seems set because they have confidence in their product, which personally gives me peace of mind. Honestly after using it for awhile, it's literally a no-brainer to get my community converted over, this software is extremely engaging, it leaves you wanting to come back for more. For a site owner that is just WONDERFUL. I know right now majority of forums using stock XenForo can grow faster than a vBulletin site or phpBB using a couple mods.

    Also when it comes to the gamble over an investment, nothing online is really a solid investment, it's what you make of it. You thinking buying vB4 Suite is an investment because it comes with an amazing CMS and Blog system? Not at all.
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  10. lemonadesoda

    lemonadesoda New Member

    Er, Blandt?
    That's $40 per year, not $40 for life! (unfortunatley!)

    I was one of those Suite suckers. Perhaps this explains other people's "once bitten twice shy" comments.
  11. Blandt

    Blandt Well-Known Member

    Yes a typo ... $40 / year .. but I guess you see my point ;) Post corrected
  12. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Well-Known Member

    I was a new client to the software when it came out. But I had spent about a month here already and knew I was hooked. It's just fun to post on a XF forum, you go back to your old one and wonder where all the good stuff went. Even VB started out somewhere, so did other giants...don't knock a "baby" while it's learning to walk and say it won't make a good adult. Heck, IMO, it's already past VB4 and has IPB in it's gunsights.
    We know the mod community is important but many were waiting til it hit RC stage. However, they still got in early and in playing with it in their own sandbox, discovered it's a joy to mod/design for unlike what they use to work with.

    That may be, and if it is too much, we don't make them buy.

    As to my signature, it's a variation of St. Thomas Aquinas...and he is talking about faith not software. I'm as skeptic as they come when it comes to software.
  13. Cheese

    Cheese New Member

    You made a blunder blandt.

    Your assuming that VB5 will cost so much more. than what Vb4 costs. Has this been the case in past updates? No it has not so that little arguement is pointless.

    Next is your $180 = Life access?
    Includes 12 months of ticket support and upgrades. Support and upgrade access can be extended for $40 for an additional 12 months
    Maybe you sould read? Its $140 for the basic licence and another $40 each year. So hay where did you get $180 for life is what I want to know.

    Now to your 5year excuse.

    How much will vb cost in 5 years compared to XF. Well looking at current prices not much in difference. Also remember this is a starting company whats to say in 2 years XF wont start charging MORE than VB. Ps you cant say they wont as your not god and you dont see the future.

    Well pretty much every part of your arguement Blandt held no water at all
  14. glorify

    glorify Well-Known Member

    Here's the deal. If you don't like the price, don't buy it.

    It's very simple.

    I don't know why you have to write a book on it.
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  15. Blandt

    Blandt Well-Known Member

    Wrong : when vB 5 is released you will pay $300 + ... because %80 of license holders are suite licenses ;)

    do the math and give me numbers then give me the water statement ;)
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  16. Cheese

    Cheese New Member

    It is called a perspective client reaction.
    You ever thought that maybe a company does not grow or change to what is needed if no one ever comments on it?
    Idiots who just post "LOVE IT" "Its Great" "BEtter than Vb" what good are you? Do you actually make a change to the site or even give imput? No. Im explaing to the owners how $140 is a possible turn off to bring in old VB clients at such an early stage.

  17. Cheese

    Cheese New Member

  18. lemonadesoda

    lemonadesoda New Member

    Let's do a different take on this.

    Whatever we all spent on vB, we see it is a mess, and what's more, it isn't getting any better, and within the next 12 months it won't be much different and will retain all its PITA maintenance/mod issues.

    Whereas whatever we spend on XF, we have a bit of goodwill, hope and faith. For god's sake, it can't be worse. It can only get better.
  19. Blandt

    Blandt Well-Known Member

    We already know the guys behind xF ... we're not worried :)
  20. Blandt

    Blandt Well-Known Member

    I just said give me the math for 5 years ... is that too much to ask ?
    you like showing numbers ... so show us :D
    5 years vB = x
    5 years xF = y

    ... and you do not need to be a smart ass about it :) just do a simple math
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