Presale Question - Fora platform including Xenforo


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Question, I am interested in purchasing Xenforo.
I've been seeing sites such as this:
There seems to be CMS platform by Fora and includes Xenforo forums.
Is this the same software package included with Xenforo forum?
Or is it Xenforo with a 3rd party extension?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Chris D

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The Fora platform is a network of sites or a hosting service (not entirely clear) owned or managed by the company Vertical Scope. It is unclear what the availability of Fora is, what it consists of, or how to obtain it.

The only official place to obtain a fully supported XenForo install is from our own website here. We are soon to be launching our own hosted service where we will take care of the hosting side of things as well as providing and supporting the software. You can read more about that here with more information coming soon.

Mr Lucky

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As Chris said, it's not totally clear. Vertical Scope buy up independet forums. They now use their own customised version of xenforo which is more or less exactly the same theme and templates across all their sites. It is (for obvious reasons) highly optimised for ads. I'm not sure if all their sites have been transferred to their customised xenforo platform, but it seems to be their plan to standardise them all.

The sites they buy often retain their own admins and mods as volunteers. However Verticalscope as owners set the main T & C and admin/mod permissions.

It is basically the same software, but their implementation appears quite simplified for users, quite a lot of the navigation items are reduced, the interface has been altered in some key repsects such as the text editor icons at the bottom instead of the top. User edit and report link at the top instead of the bottom.


Out of curiosity, are they allowed to package a customized version of Xenforo with their software? Do they have bulk licenses that they have purchased for each implementation, or did they buy (or pirate) a single copy of Xenforo and then distribute it out with their software, therefore making money off of Xenforo's work? It doesn't affect me in any way, but it's something I'm curious about.


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I thought they had Xenforo integrated with their CMS, so that's what I was referring to as "their software".

That's what I thought. Question, does Xenforo offer a type of CMS where a front cover page is easily created? If not and there's a 3rd party in the Xenforo marketplace much appreciate any reference. I'm looking for something just like this Xenforo site has for its' "homepage".

Wildcat Media

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Well it certainly looks like xenforo to me, albeit cut down (dumbed down?) in places
Their XenForo conversion made no sense to me. They first launched Fora with many XF features stripped out. And now they reintroduce them as a Big Accomplishment. Essentially it's a theme that upset the well laid out user interface of XenForo, and took features away from it. I let them know as much, as I frequent a couple of Vertical Scope forums. (I've complained about it in the forum, and also responded in kind to a survey with the same complaints.)

The Fora platform is a network of sites or a hosting service (not entirely clear) owned or managed by the company Vertical Scope.
They own and manage forums, and use Fora as the name of their in-house developed theme and add-ons. (I inquired about a feature they had, and that's when I learned they do all their own work.)