MG 1.0 Presale question (want to buy XFMG to my existing XF 1.5.6 board)


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I have XF 1.5.6 and when I purchased the license I did not purchase media gallery add-on. And now I want to have the Media Gallery in my board.
  1. Am I still eligible to buy this product and tag it along with my existing XF 1.5.6?
  2. If the answer of num 1 is yes, how much would it cost me?
  3. How to install this?
  4. What is the version of Media Gallery add-on that compatible with my XF 1.5.6 board?
Thank you.


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Yes, you can buy official add-ons for existing licenses at any time.

The cost is the same regardless when purchased - currently $60.

Installation instructions are here:

The latest version is compatible with XF 1.5.6.

To purchase an add-on for an existing license, log in to your customer account and click on the 'Purchase extras/extensions' link below the license.

Then you can select the add-on item.