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I'd buy the add-on if it did what I'd like it to do. Depending on how Xen's code is, it's probably five or six lines of code, looking a lot like the lines of code setting up the other permissions.

I'm the kind of user who will buy a add-on if I think it's close to what I need or want, then tinker with it a bit, but I'd imagine many others could use the functionality too, depending on how they organize their forum or if they wish to monetize it. My experience is Users don't want to be partitioned into multiple boards. It causes a loss of focus. So stuff like tags and prefixes allows for inline content that can still be organized or partitioned.

Stuart Wright

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Stuart Wright updated Prefix Essentials with a new update entry:

New features, bug fixes and improved performance

  • New Feature: Thread list - Does not show prefix filter buttons if there are no threads with that prefix.
  • New Feature: Thread list - If there are no threads with any prefixes, the prefix filter feature is not shown.
  • New Feature: Admin toggle to show prefix groups above the main node list (enabled by default).
  • Bug fix: Prefix count now respects forum visibility and "View Threads by Others" permission.
  • Performance enhancement: Improved performance of the 'ignore prefix'...

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2 suggestions:
  • Link last post prefixes to the global prefix filtered pages.
  • Add the prefix CSS to the global prefix filtering drop downs above the node list.


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Does this addon allow the use of multiple prefixes? (or work with another addon "multi prefix" that does exactly that).



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I don't believe Prefix Essentials will count prefixes on threads with multi-prefixes properly, but until someone (with a valid licence) requests that as a bugfix it will be a low priority.

Stuart Wright

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There is a wonderful addon to sort the position of nodes/forums

I am looking for just the same thing but to sort all my prefixes. I have a lot and i dont like to sort them by hand.
Gotcha. No, sorry, this addon doesn't do that. Although if you were willing to contribute to the development of it, I could ask the developer the cost of it. Since there are several addons which implement drag and drop sorting of items, I'm guessing that it's not a hugely difficult thing to achieve.

Stuart Wright

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@Stuart Wright

1. Is it possible to hide a large number of prefixes?

2. Is it possible to filter at once on several prefixes?
Question 1. This addon gives members the ability to ignore threads with any number of prefixes via their preferences
So the answer is yes, if you are asking whether your members hide them.
Question 2. If you click on a prefix in the list of threads, Xenforo applies a filter to show only threads with that prefix.
This is standard functionality in Xenforo. This addon does not change that, so the answer to your second question is no.


1. I meant this...


I want to display only 15 prefixes, and the rest were hidden under the button "More" or "+". When I click on a button, shows all available prefixes.