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On my new forum, I'm having a slight visual issue, whereby people who are posting on threads from mobiles, the text is coming out in a not very readable format. No paragraph spacing and sentences starting on a new line, when they shouldn't be. As this is not just one poster, I'm assuming it's something to do with settings and mobile submitted text, as I have two other forums, where a lot of people post from mobiles, and I haven't had the same issue before. All posts come out fine.
It's the device the content is being copied from - nothing you can do in XF to change that.

You can try asking them to switch to the plain text editor when pasting to see if it makes any difference.

Thanks. It's strange I've never had it on other forums before. I assume they are just typing directly onto a post from the mobile rather than typing it elsewhere and pasting it. So the picture you show above "toggle BB code" is that on a phone? It's happening with all but one user! Mind you I only have 8 at the moment! So it's happening with 5 users.

I will enquire if they are typing in a word type document first and then pasting.
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