Render posts with paragraphs instead of line breaks


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Hi! I am hoping to get some insight/help from some experienced XF developers.

I am looking to render my posts with paragraphs instead of line breaks as discussed here:

The Froala editor already uses paragraph mode so I can easily tweak the CSS on this to display as it should, however, somewhere during the post rendering it converts them to line breaks (<br>).

Is this something that can be edited non-destructively using an add-on? I do not hold out much hope for a fix in core. If so, I'd love to discuss.

Many thanks.
Been advised from a XF developer that this should be possible and that...
It's mostly a matter of extending \XF\BbCode\Renderer\Html::filterString() in PHP to swap nl2br() with a function that converts newlines to paragraphs
Still looking to pay someone with XF expertise to help me implement this! I can take care of CSS.
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