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OK. This is something that is causing a problem because spam is being sent to my twitter account. How do I get this shut off? I don't want posts to automatically being sent to my account.

Twitter integration is enabled but I don't see an option to not automatically send posts to twitter.

Any ideas?
This isn't core functionality.

You must have an add-on that makes this happen.

Maybe XenSocialize?

I've been disabling and removing add-ons - yet - the spammers that are getting through are still having their posts sent to my twitter account. I don't have XenSocialize installed. I'm waiting for the Cache to rebuild right now - and will list out the add-ons installed. But I don't see any that have to do with twitter or any social network.

Custom BBCode Manager v1.2.1
Custom Fields by Waindigo 1.0.3
Digital Point Ad Positioning 1.0.0
FreddysHouse Tools: Signature Once 1.2.0
Nodes As Tabs 1.1.3
Route Changer 1.1.2b
Showcase 1.0.0 RC1
Sitemap for XenForo 1.1.2
TaigaChat 0.5.5
Template Modification System 1.1.1
vB4 URL Redirection 0.0.2
XFA - Better Blogs 1.0.6
[8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal) 1.5.3
[bd] Tag Me 1.5.7
[SchmitzIT] MediaWiki Bridge 2.0
[******] Custom Node Icon 0.9
If it's not a xenforo plugin then it's very likely to be an app you have allowed via twitter (I take it it's using your twitter account to tweet?)

Check your twitter account, you will only auto tweet (with twitterfeed or any other service) if you have added it to your allowed apps

Twitter >> Settings >> Apps >> Revoke Access
@tenants - I believe your suggestion worked. I thought all had been revoked but there were two I missed. The spam from last night was not tweeted. Looks like it is now solved.

Thank you all. Phew.
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