XF 2.2 Send posts to Twitter, Facebook, need your help


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I need an add-on to send posts to twitter and facebook like

Send from threads in [1,23,273,8272]
Send only if from user x,y,z
Send only if from group x
Send only if first line is like %this is the president speaking%

Do you have other ideas for using such an add-on?

Also I want to send my posts with delay like:

cron-job: check thread in [1,23,273,8272] for new posts older than x,
check it by rules specified by thread
check if og:image is set

add data for external site
add new thread and rules, save in a table
have a cron-job every hour checking threads and rules and send if should be send

If you have any ideas for this, please let me know.
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