Posting HTML (and HTML permissions)


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How will HTML be handled? Will it be possible to post HTML, and will the permissions be forum based, usergroup based, or both?


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As it stands, there isn't even an option to allow HTML at all. When there will be, it would likely be an opt in area rather than the entire post. The ambiguity of "is this meant as BB code or HTML?" provides parsing issues, such as translating new lines to line breaks.

Depending on how it's implemented, there are considerations like quoting, etc.


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So essentially some sort of BBcode within which you can post HTML. That would be more than enough as long as we can control where and preferably who (usergroup) can use such HTML wrapping tags.

Thanks for the clarification Mike :)


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It is my suggestion that this initially, out of the box, be restricted to administrator use only, through the use of BBCode, such as suggested above,

Administrator(s) may want to restrict what code can be parsed in the block, but also, set group permissions also implied above.


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Admins being able to put html into posts and have everyone view them as intended would be huge. I really don't care if they cannot be quoted.