XF 1.5 Postbit modifications from addons not displaying?


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I recently installed the steam integration on my forum, which includes a feature to add a banner in the post bit. This didn't display and I thought that this might have been an issue with the addon until I recently bought a ratings addon and it didn't display its postbit modifications either.

The steam addon was able to display with the default theme, but not on the custom theme that I have installed. The ratings addon was not able to modify either postbits. I am able to modify the templates myself, but most of the time this does not have the desired effect (postbit information sometimes not loading, sometimes loading where it shouldn't etc)

I don't know enough about the internals of Xenforo to find out what's gone wrong, has anyone had this sort of problem before?
As it's an issue with the custom style, it could be the template modifications not applying.

If it's a third party custom style you can contact the author for support, otherwise you're going to have to manually add the templates or enable debug mode and modify the template modifications.

In the first instance you will need to contact the add-on authors to determine how the custom content is being added, which templates are involved, etc.
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