Post your workspace!


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I would but I don't have a camera handy... I will see If I can find some old pictures... it won't be my current setup but you can get the idea :D


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Ahhhh here is one of my old setup's...

2nd monitor is actually a samsung TV.. so I could flick between using it as a TV while I worked watching things on the DVD player you see to the right or from the Virgin set-top box under my monitor... Or if I had a lot of work on I could change it to PC mode and use it as a second monitor...


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Don't remember ever hearing that artist / song back in the day lol, that's all. If it was outside of the country, that would've explain it.
She was part of the eurodance group 20 Fingers and her songs came out in ~ 1995. If you were into eurodance back then or went clubbing, you surely heard her songs.

Andy Huang

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Here's my...
MBP + 2 external 19" LCDs.
The tower you see under the desk is just paper weight / super out-dated headless desktop trying to pretend to be a "server".