Post your desktop!


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Post your current desktop, maybe we can consider it August's desktops (that's how they do it on forums, right? Plus I haven't started any threads here at XenForo, I got to make one!)

Edit: Yep, I posted is as an image... I just love how XenForo shrinks/extends the image. :D


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Heres my wallpaper; using Desktops to clear all the open windows on my taskbar.

This is the most icons I display regularly :p. I either move them to the proper forum in my backup drive, or delete them after use. 



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Full desktop setup

Though currently I only have one monitor so I flick between these, I do sometimes set it up with 2-3 montors and just have one hidden at t time which can slide on pushing the rest left/right... I plan (when money prevails) to get 4 permenant monitor setup with this... though I rarely use desktop 4...