XF 1.3 "Post New Thread" button randomly(?) not appearing

Harpers Tate

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We have had reported a couple of instances where the "Post New Thread" button is not present for a given user in a given node.

Other users in the same UserGroups DO see the button.
The reporting user DOES see the button in other nodes (presumably with the same platform, browser, etc).

Permissions Analysis in each case for the User vs. the Node show "Post New Thread" = yes.

Both forums affected have "Threads limit" = 0

Users have been advised to clear cookies, cache, log out and in etc., and apparently the problem persists.

Anybody got any clues or suggestions as to further analysis we can do to throw any light?


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Is it just a single user?

The next time it fails to appear, can you ask them to manually navigate to the /create-thread url?

If they see a no permissions error then it could be an add-on which is causing the issue.

If they are able to access the URL then it is more likely to be a local (i.e. browser) issue.

Harpers Tate

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This has, I think, revealed the problem. One of the users
a) has an incomplete date of birth (no year) set and
b) got this error text:
"We are unable to verify your age. You must be over the age of 18 to post or create threads in this forum."
And, sure enough, that node has (incorrectly) got an 18 minimum age set.

Thanks for the prompt.

Harpers Tate

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Made me think....
Before I post a formal suggestion -

I started out here in both cases doing a User Permissions analysis in the Admin CP for the User vs. the Node and in both cases this analysis showed the user WITH permission to take the action.

In fact, because of a DOB vs. minimum age conflict, the user did NOT have permission.

A similar situation arises when we have a maximum thread limit set and the user already has that maximum number; that, too will deny permission.

So my thinking is - Could the Analyse Permissions tool actually be made capable of analysing EVERY thing that is tested when a user attempts a given action and reporting the true result and reason?

Stuart Wright

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The minimum age and thread limit restrictions are addons, so it's really up to the author of those addons to extend the permissions system to cater for those new restrictions.