XF 2.2 Possible to manually create a child style?


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Is it possible to manually create a child style?

I've successfully installed the UI.X add-in and the base style, and it works swimmingly. I'm trying to add a child style so I can customize it without modding the base style, but however I do so I'm getting a "fail to open stream: Too many open files" error while rebuilding templates, and the new style is unusable. Changing host or getting more resources from the host does not look feasible, so I'm looking for a way to offload or break up the processing.

I assume that the problem is that copying the base UI.X style fails because of the complexity of the style. Creating a child of Default in the same ways works as expected.

After the failure, the admin panel gives me a warning & option: There are manual rebuild jobs awaiting completion. Continue running them.
Following the Continue running them link to run-job generates the same "fail to open stream" error.

Is there a way to manually install a child style or break up generating the child style into smaller steps so that it doesn't run out of open files?

Different ways of creating the child that fail:
  • Import style for UI.X's child xml
  • Add Style and set the parent style to UI.X
  • Add Style unparented (this works) then change the parent to UI.X (this fails)
These have no problems, but don't end up with a usable child of UI.X to customize:
  • Importing the unparented UI.X style
  • Creating an child of Default

The Error:
ErrorException: [E_WARNING] include(/home/customer/www/forum.ukuleleunderground.com/public_html/src/XF/Mvc/Reply/Reroute.php): failed to open stream: Too many open files


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This is a server limitation.

Contact your host and ask them to resolve it.
Thanks for quick response, but that's the answer to a different question.

I know that increasing host resources would be ideal. As stated in my original post, doing so is not currently feasible. I'm asking if there's a way to offload or split the work to stay within the current limitation.

If "No" is the correct answer and the only option is on the server end then we'll change our design. I'd like to do due diligence on the options first.
This is a server limitation.

Contact your host and ask them to resolve it.
👆 This is the correct answer--there will be other XF processes now or in the future that may require opening of files, and having an insufficient amount of file handles available will result in other issues down the road. Example--what happens if something goes wrong in the middle of an upgrade due to running out of file handles?

Having said that, I've never run into this, even on servers I've set up myself. I'd get the host to adjust it, or find another host. Doing workarounds for a poorly setup server is not a best practice.
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