Fixed Overwriting a child style does not apply

Adam Howard

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Overwriting a child styles does not apply.

Let's assume you have a child style of XenForo Default. It has a few small customizations of its own, but the majority of it depends on the parent style (98%).

Let's say you revert 1 template to match the parent.

Now lets say either you've come out with an update, so you upload the xml to overwrite that child.

Doesn't not apply.

That 1 template you reverted earlier, stays reverted and does not adapt the new xml you told it to rewrite it.

This is something that should work (it did in XenForo 1.1.x).

See video as quick example ;)

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I'm able to reproduce this on non child styles as well.

Take a normal independent style (not parent or child to anything).

Revert a single template.

Import the xml telling it to overwrite the style

The overwrite does not apply. :(
Yea I was going to post the same results basically. I have confirmed importing and overwriting does not work on a style.

Also when importing into a parent style the child sometimes does not show the modified templates of the parent style but the template IS modified in the child.
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