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possibility to choose external cloud storage


I think it would be a good idea, to give the administrator in the ACP the chance to choose where the uploaded images are stored.

When the webhoster has limited storage, you may want to host the images on one of the cloud image hoster ;)
Also great would be to link each category with an external cloud hoster.

So you can decide, if category "cars" should store images on the local hdd or if the images should be stored somewhere else and only be linked.

The forum member shouldn`t take note where the images are stored.
For him uploading always feels the same :D

I am realy wondering why nobody from the stuff is commenting this suggestion :eek: even there are some likes.

It is not only the limited space from a Webhoster which makes hosting a gallery very expensive.
Most Webhosters give you an amount of files you can store.
So only with the Xenforo installation plus the plugins I need I reached 1/5th if files I can store.

I am afraid from giving members the right to upload pictures like they want - because then I am forced to invest more money in storing more files.

So when there is no reaction to this suggestion, I would like to hear from other members how are you solving the problem with the limited storage or file count in your Webspace o_O

I know that Xenforo will not build a bridge to all Image Hosters - but it would be fine to get the core.
Then we, the users, can develope the connection to a specific hoster, if the API already is implemented.