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This is an additional idea posted on my RM Articles thread.
RM Articles is purely about displaying RM content in Article form, including option to multiple pages Articles.
See thread here http://xenforo.com/community/threads/rm-article-manager.47084/

The additional suggestion by Erich is to enable the manual import of external (offsite) content e.g from the media, to create an RM Article.

how to pull an already existing article, e.g.: an article already existing at any news-media-outlet (e.g. an article from CNN or any other news site) into the RM ?
How to do this technically ? Is there some code available to do it ?

Or how to reference an already existing article, so that I would just have to enter the URL of that article into the RM, but it will visually display the full article (of an external source) within the RM.

I mean doing it manually, not automatically via some news-feed-importer.

Erich I'm sure this can be done but it suggests immediate issues.
Import pictures too?
Is this hotlinking or copying? Both could lead to objections. :(
Other articles can be v short or VERY long. Too long for an RM page. Too long even for my multile pages article!
Different external media have different formatting. One news site I know automatically inserts the URL of the page if you copy any text from it.

Which suggests a way forward. We highlight a section of the external item, and plonk it in the RM. It auto carries with it the URL of the original. If the site already does this (js I think), it is detected and not duplicated.
The RM addon adds a Read more link to the original article.
This gets round all the problems except specialist formatting in the original. Some source sites copy over and lose all paragraphs which looks awful.
Anyway here;s a start of a solution for you.
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