XF 1.5 Pop ups appearing on site

Hi guys,

Wonder if you can help, over the last couple of days users have reported pop-ups appearing on the forum when they click certain links, in particular the logo of the forum and the login button.

Anything you guys can think off that might be causing this?



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External JS like adverts or tracking piwick

Need to run your page and look at all external code bring called.

Do a file health check too.


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It's triggered by the js/sedo/gototop/xen.ui.totop.js file. I would guess that this file was modified by something malicious on the server, rather that being included in the file by default, though I'm not positive.
Many thanks Mike, disabling the addon has got rid of the reference, I will have to dig now and see what the issue might be, I have been keeping things up to date, so need to check if there are any traces on logs/files.