XF 1.2 Planning Migration To 1.2


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Upgrading my site to 1.2 is quite a bit of work (rewriting addons, JavaScript for new jQuery, making non-standard parts of site responsive, etc.)

Long story short is I've been working on it, but trying to figure out the best way to get all the new stuff from the dev install to the live install after the actual upgrade (templates, addons, event listeners, style settings, etc.)

So I'm thinking when I do the live upgrade, I could do it... then just import a few tables directly from my dev setup (the template tables, style tables, options, code events, etc.)

And then rebuild the appropriate registry items.

Can anyone think of why this wouldn't work or a better way to migrate those types of things from dev setup to live one when the time comes?


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If you want to follow the "proper" route, you could do a CLI script to import all of the add-ons XML files and then just do the rebuilds once at the end. (I probably wouldn't parallelize this.)

I suppose you could bring the tables over but things need to match exactly for other related tables that aren't being imported - all IDs, etc. Seems a bit dangerous to me but you know the specifics more.


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Yeah... I know the "proper" way would be to do that, but since I have 50+ addons that were never intended to be used outside of my own site, they don't have installers (yeah, I know... bad... haha), and I think doing it the "improper" way might be less work than building installers for everything. I have to rewrite a bunch of code... more or less all templates for them (for responsive, etc.)

Plus I'd have to do some level of direct table imports (I think) for things like settings/options on the new install that I want to migrate to the live install (configuring things like the new options that didn't exist before).

I'm not opposed to doing it some other way... just not really sure what the best way of doing it is going to be.

Right now, I'm thinking of doing a direct import of these tables:
  • 19 *_template* tables
  • 2 xf_code_event* tables
  • 3 xf_phrase* tables
  • 3 xf_option* tables

Then rebuild the following registry entries with the proper model/method:
  • addOns
  • codeEventListeners
  • options
  • styles

Obviously this is a very non-standard way of doing it and would never recommend anyone else doing it, but given how much has changed in 1.2, it might be my best option since there is so much I'm updating on my end to bring site up to date with 1.2.

So forgetting about it being "risky" or whatever, is there anything in those lists I'm forgetting that you can think of? Or is there any better way to go about this?


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Is there a list of removed files anywhere? Off the top of my head I know things like the tinymce files and cron.php would be gone... but is there an actual list somewhere?


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Scary, but it worked without even doing a test run first. lol

These were the tables I ended up sucking over from dev install into live after the 1.2 upgrade...

        $tables = array(