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Plan to BUy XF

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by PatrickGER, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. PatrickGER

    PatrickGER Member

    Hi, i plan to Buy XF, but how i can Import a Burning Board 4? I dont have vB or IPB.
  2. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    Can you import BB4 to VB first then VB to XF.

    @Jake Bunce, @Slavik and various other people offer import services and I'm sure one of them will be able to help.
  3. whynot

    whynot Well-Known Member

    No, he cannot without VB.
  4. PatrickGER

    PatrickGER Member

    vB supports WBB 4 import?
  5. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    Do you need a VB license to convert/import your database into their format? I'd have thought that whoever did the import for them would be able to do that without the customer having a VB license themselves. I could be wrong though?
  6. Divvens

    Divvens Well-Known Member

    If someone else is handling the transfer and that someone else has a license that's all that matters, the customer who wants the conversion done doesn't need to purchase/own license, thats an advantage using a third party service rather than doing it yourself (also the fact that you save a lot of headache :p).
  7. PatrickGER

    PatrickGER Member

    No idea? I dont want to Buy vBulletin to Convert zu XF. And i dont want to pay ~100$ for a simple import.....

    Why XF doesent include an Burning Board FOUR importer in his own system?
  8. Jeremy

    Jeremy XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Importers are added when both time and demand allow them to be coded into the system. Unfortunately, burning board 4 has not yet been included. If there isn't already a suggestion; you should write one to help the developers gauge interest.
  9. Devilwillcry4you

    Devilwillcry4you Active Member

  10. PatrickGER

    PatrickGER Member

  11. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Probably not that many... since BB4 was only released in 12/13. Converters are probably done based upon installed base - and honestly, in my forum usage I've never had the occasion to visit a BB4 forum (and I visit a LOT of forums because I have a wide variety of interests). BB4 doesn't even make this list. It doesn't even make Wikipedia's list of comparison of internet software.
  12. PatrickGER

    PatrickGER Member

    How much costs WBB 4 to XF?

  13. PatrickGER

    PatrickGER Member

    i buyed XF now. but i cant import <-< nobody imports wbb 4 o_O

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