Fixed Phrase Has Extra Word

Jonathan M

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Affected version
The phrase 'widget_def_desc.forum_statistics' reads 'Displays a block which that shows the forum's current statistics on things like total discussions, message and member count.'

The 'which that' is unfinished. The sentence should only include one of those, not both.

Jonathan M

New member
Found a few others...
  • option_explain.emailWatchedThreadIncludeMessage is missing an 's' on the first instance of 'forum'.
  • style_prop_desc.fixedMessage is missing a period at the end.

XF Bug Bot

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Thank you for reporting this issue, it has now been resolved. We are aiming to include any changes that have been made in a future XF release (2.2.6).

Change log:
Adjust description for the forum statistics widget
There may be a delay before changes are rolled out to the XenForo Community.