1. Frode789

    RM 2.0 Translating phrases in RM - Two more that I can't find

    So I'm translating all my resources phrases to guides. However, there seems to be two areas that are still not translated, even though I've tried to search for them all. The "add resource" button on the RM index page remains. When you click that button, it asks "post resources in.."
  2. Sim

    Implement Serializable in \XF\Phrase

    In one of my addons I am sending data to an external system by generating a Job with an array of data which can be sent asynchronously (and retried if sending fails!). The array data contains phrases, which causes problems when the Job Manager attempts to serialize the data. \XF\Phrase already...
  3. developr

    XF 2.0 Rebuild Phrases after DB changes

    Hi Community, because it does not exist a german translation of XF2 I convert the translation from XF1 to XF2. After the import (only changes in the DB) I would like to rebuild the phrases. If I rebuild the master-data then some changes, for example the navigation items, will change to the...
  4. Garamond

    XF 2.0 Revert all outdated phrases

    I have accumulated a long list of outdated phrases, and want to revert them alltogether instead of clicking on each and every one of them. Can this be done somehow?
  5. Frode789

    RM 2.0 Searching and replacing resource phrase

    The official resources addon. I know you are supposed to be able to replace the resource phrase and add your own. But I couldn't find a easy "search and replace" option in the phrases section? How can you do this?
  6. Nerbert

    Fast Phrases 1.1.0 2017-09-30

    This is an upgrade to the earlier version of Fast Phrases. I've added syntax for PHP phrases and the product now handles phrases with params. This product is intended for developers who have dozens or even hundreds of phrases to create. The most important change is that once you save a phrase...
  7. Yugensoft

    Bulk Add Phrases 1.0.2

    Description It is time consuming to add large numbers of phrases, especially to the Master language. This add-on provides a Bulk Create New Phrases button alongside the existing Create New Phrase button. Simply click that button and enter your phrases in CSV format. Screenshots
  8. Yugensoft

    XF 1.5 Need to import bulk phrases into master (I think?), please help me understand phrase system

    So I have a large amount of phrases I need to port over for the add-on I'm making. I tried just importing them into "English" with the language importer, but it seems that new XenForo_Phrase("...") won't recognize those. So they must be present in Master language, right? However the Master...
  9. Nerbert

    Unmaintained Fast Phrases 1.0.0 1.0.0

    See Fast Phrases 1.1.0 for a better version This product is intended for developers who have dozens or even hundreds of phrases to create. The most important change is that once you save a phrase you are redirected back to the Create New Phrase form instead of the Phrases page. Several of the...
  10. NamePros

    Not a bug Missing phrases

    Phrases are/were missing for these: + Quote: "Review Selected Messages" + Quote: "Drag messages up and down to rearrange the order for quoting."
  11. Neutral Singh

    Lack of interest Efficiently Managing Add-ons by Simplifying the Interface

    Right now, when we install an add-on, it is tedious to find the css, templates, phrases, files, classes connected with the add-on and not so savvy are at a mercy of add-on owner to tell us which files/classes/templates/phrases are where? I think, we can do much better than this, we should be...
  12. Alfa1

    Add-on [PAID] Phrases Search & Replace

    I want to have functionality to easily search and replace phrase texts. Quite often large addons need a word replaced, which means I manually have to edit thousands of phrases which is madness. I'd like to have an addon that simply replaces all instances of word X for Y.
  13. StarArmy

    Fixed Poor Grammar in Phrasing for TLS 1.2 Warning in XenForo 1.5.6

    The new message here seems to have missed proofreading. I think it should say "Starting June 18, 2016, PayPal will require all requests to use TLS 1.2 and that your server has the required SSL libraries to support this. Without TLS 1.2 support, user upgrades will not be processed correctly...
  14. R

    How can I use unicode characters in phrases?

    Every time when I save a phrase with an unicode smiley and I view it the next time the special unicode character is gone. So (how) can I insert unicode characters into phrases?
  15. empire

    XF 1.5 Add user to subject of contact form email?

    contact_email_subject is : {subject} (from {board_title}) I want to put the username in there so that we can better differentiate one message from another when we look at our inbox. I tried adding {user} but it didn't work. Suggestions?
  16. Jake B.

    Beta Search & Replace in Phrases 1.0.0

    NOTE: It is very easy for something to go wrong while using this add-on, so it is very highly recommended that you do not run it on a live site, but do it on a development board then export the language. It is also not recommended to use this on very common words as it will likely time out...
  17. erich37

    Duplicate change wording for "Download Not Available"

    the current wording "Download Not Available" is kinda misleading since the Resource is actually available..... the "guest" just needs to register at the Forum in order to download the Resource. So in fact the Resource is indeed "available". Currently: Suggestion: :) Rules for...
  18. J

    Fixed Missing phrases

    The following phrases are missing in XenForo 1.5 Beta 4: profile_post_comment_for_x undelete
  19. Amaury

    Lack of interest Add a Phrase for One Reply in Thread Search Results

    There's an inconsistency because singular and plural phrases were created for other minor areas (e.g., Star Conversation and Star Conversations). However, I feel like this is as designed; as such, I'm creating it here rather than XenForo Bug Reports. When there's only one reply, "one replies"...
  20. Amaury

    XF 1.4 Apostrophes Used as Quotation Marks

    This might be impossible, but here goes. Many areas use apostrophes instead of quotation marks for quotes, such as, "Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by Brogan, Feb 10, 2015." I'd like to change all of these, either removing them completely or changing them to actual...