XF 1.5 Need to import bulk phrases into master (I think?), please help me understand phrase system


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So I have a large amount of phrases I need to port over for the add-on I'm making.

I tried just importing them into "English" with the language importer, but it seems that new XenForo_Phrase("...") won't recognize those. So they must be present in Master language, right?

However the Master language doesn't have an import option.

So I look at the phrase tables, but there are 3: xf_phrase, xf_phrase_compiled, xf_phrase_map. How are these related? Also how is the Master language tied to the English language?

Can someone explain how I might go about importing my bulk phrases into the Master language?



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The master language isn't tied to any other of your language entries, independent if one of them is called English or not.

xf_phrase are, well, the phrases: All of master, and just the changed ones for the other languages.
xf_phrase_compiled are all phrases for all languages, ie. even the not changed ones have one copy for each language.
About the map table, no idea just now...


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Ideally, you need to insert the phrases via the ACP interface or at least a script that does the same thing (through a data writer). There are multiple tables involved and data that will be dynamically set (such as the add-on version, if you attach them to an add-on).