Lack of interest Moderation queue word/phrase list


Would love to have an option that allows me to enter a list of words/phrases, very similar to the censored words list, and when a word/phrase on the list is encountered within a post that post would automatically be sent to the moderation queue for review. This would allow for an added layer of spam management based on post content.

I should add, I've looked around for something like this but couldn't find it. If it already exists in some form, I'd be happy to be pointed in the right direction.


New member
I like the idea, but i'd prefer to have the captcha fixed so we don't have to do this at all. There are captchas out there that cannot be broken that are easy for users to see. I'd really prefer having a combination of captcha and the Q & A since it seems the Q & A is stopping the bots in their tracks. More than 1 Captcha option would be good too, and the ability to install a different captcha if the pre-installed ones don't stop bots from attacking.