phpBB3 Conversion & Attachments


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Hi All,

I'm looking at converting from my current phpBB3 installation, however, I've got a question with regards to the converter and how well it handles attachments.

We actively encourage users to post images using the built in phpBB3 attachments, and since we upgraded to phpBB3 from phpBB2, we've got 5.17 GiB of attachments:

[~/public_html/forum/files]# ls -al | wc -l
How well would the converter handle these?



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I converted from phpBB3 and although we only had about 800MB of attachments, for the most part they imported fine.

There was a small percentage which for some reason weren't recognised as image files.
Downloading, saving and uploading again fixed those though.

If there had been a larger percentage then I probably would have investigated the cause of those failures.


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Thanks Brogan. Were there any other issues with converting from phpBB3? We've got a mid size board, with just over 210,000 posts and 4,500 members.


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Excellent. The only custom BB codes are youtube which I see Xenforo handles, and some pre text stuff.

Loving having a play with Xenforo so far (y)


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Thanks Jake, that is one of the things we've noticed. Also, the thumbnails are quite small, and we've since changed the size to 600pixels as per the old phpBB3 forum, so the old attachments blow out when they are just stuck on the bottom of the post.