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Dear sirs,

I own and administer a forum that is over 7 years old with around 11,000 registered members, which is currently on PhpBB3.0.9.

I am considering a switch over to Xenforo and I see that you offer an installation service at an additional fee, which is great. I would be interested in taking that service.

What I would like to know is, do you offer database conversion as part of this service as well? The database is a bit large (around 500MB) and I am not very good at these things so I fear that I may screw something up in the process.

So if you do offer such service, then I could go ahead with this changeover right now. I intend to start the new year on this new platform.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.


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500MB? Is that around 250k posts? I converted my vBulletin 3.x forum in no time with a 100MB backup of 50k posts without a hitch. Since phpBB3 has an official converter packaged with xenForo, as well, it is just a matter of installing xenForo, logging into the AdminCP, selecting Import External Data, and clicking the buttons for each import step, the longest one being for the posts and topics. You should try it out on a test installation. I have been administrating my forum since 2004, and have converted it from phpBB 2.x to vBulletin 3.x, and later vBulletin 3.x to xenForo 1.1.0. Converting with a smaller database to vBulletin 3.x was a nightmare, but the xenForo software held my hand the entire way; easiest conversion ever.
My main worry is a possible time-out that might leave the database damaged. Even though I have backups of it, it is a very cumbersome (read: PITA) work to reimport a database of such size into MySQL server. I prefer to avoid even the possibility of it if I can.

How does Xenforo's built in converter handle time out issues?

500MB? Is that around 250k posts?
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The process of importing reads from the source (phpBB) database and writes to the destination (XenForo) database.

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I helped others with moving their boards to XenForo and I'd be happy to help. There is a Turkish translation in the Language section (currently translated up to 1.0.4). Send me a PC and discuss the details.
Hi there, thanks for the message. I really appreciate that. My colleague is checking the procedure out just know. If we hit any troubles I will surely give you a shout.
Let me know if your member's passwords are carried over. I've just done the conversion from phpBB 2 -> phpBB 3 -> XF and for some reason I could login with my old password but every.single.other.member. has had to use the password recovery feature - which has then not worked for some and resulted in an inbox full of "Hi my old account was...".

9,000 messages later...


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Passwords are preserved from phpBB3 to XenForo, so I suspect they were not carried over from phpBB2 to phpBB3.
Ok, thanks for the info.

What do you need from our end to have the installation done by yourselves? Ftp details? A blank mysql? Any privileges?
Ah never mind. I couldn't wait so went ahead and bought it. I'll try and install it myself. See how it goes. If I cock it up, I'll get back to the shop what the heck...
Woaaaaa no need to bother anyone from the support at all. This forum software is a riot! :LOL:

The best $140 I've spent on anything in the software realm since SPL's Transient Designer, hahhah...

For the first time in years, something I install works right out of the bat. I absolutely love it.

Thanks for the great work, I wish you guys the best of business.