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I've tried doing this conversion 3 times now (SMF -> PHPBB3) and every time none of the attachments are moved. The posts seem to move over fine, but without the attachments it's basically worthless to me (its an image board). I've tried asking on the PHPBB3 site and it's a ghost town. Can someone tell me how I get the attachments to move over in the conversion? Ultimately I am trying to move my forum to XF.

I referenced this post for instructions on the conversion: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/smf-to-xenforo.53887/page-3

Edit: I read the post about using the full path for attachments and avatars, but I don't see an option to specify those paths during the conversion. The only path it asks for is the path to my SMF forum. Second question: I actually have two attachment directories is that going to be a problem?

I am running SMF 2.0.7
I have the latest verision of Xenforo
I am using the SMF -> PHPBB3 importer

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Jake Bunce

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Did the attachments make it across to phpBB?

With double imports you have two points of failure. It is important to check the results at each step.

Jake Bunce

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Then we need to fix that problem with your import to phpBB. I have not worked with their import system before. If you have a link to some documentation about the importer then maybe I can see something.
I was posting a suggestion, but then I realized that I had misunderstood your problem. I question if that many people convert to PHPBB3 from SMF. SMF people are pretty loyal and most who leave are coming to Xenforo. Perhaps the reason you are receiving almost no help on the PHPBB forum is there are really few if any that are knowledgeable on this particular conversion. Maybe it's time someone wrote a convertor from SMF to Xenforo.
Jake: I tried following the conversion steps listed here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/smf-to-xenforo.53887/page-3
Everything went fine except that none of the attachments moved over. It appears that smf assigns a number, or series of digits to attachments, and phpbb3 is looking for a image.jpg file not a string of numbers. Documentation on the converter can be found here: https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=13219422#p13219422.. It looks like a few others have had this problem and it wasn't resolved, (it does appear that some were able to do it successfully though). From my understanding phpBB3 is supposed to copy all of the SMF attachments into the /files directory, however, when I ran the converter no attachments were moved at all, (some avatars did move though).

Andrew: Yes a converter would be great. I've seen quite a few posts of people asking for one. Again I am not tying to move to phpbb3 I am trying to convert to that so that I can move to Xenforo.
I have converted some smf to mybb and it goes very easy, but I haven't then converted to XF. But I was thinking they merge to mybb will be easier then to phpbb3 and then use the XF built in for mybb 1.6.