Pay Pal Migration SMF / PHPBB to - Xenforo w/ New Host or Domain Name


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So I migrated from one host with SMF to a new host with Xenforo.
Problem is if you move from one host to another your NamerSevers change and even thought you may
have the same web address Paypal will eventually email you wonder where your subscriptions are with them?
Because to them you moved and their is no propagation system at paypal. Yu move they disable subscriptions.

The problem : Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
My old host and SMF used a call back of Subscriptions.php for Paypal which Xenforo does not recognize.
Therefore eventually Paypal will disable your subscription and all your members will have to resign up.
( if you want to get paid you will have to do this with single pays as well )

The solution : Xenforo uses payment_callback.php, which is installed while Xenforo is installed in the Root.
So how do you tell paypal IPN to look at the new websites payment_callback.php ?

Instructions login Paypal go to your profile and down near the bottom is Selling Tool click that.
Now a new page opens and look on the left for
Instant payment notifications Integrate PayPal payment notifications with my website.

Click edit , and the rest should be self explanatory, put your domain with the / payment_callback.php
where your file is located on your server .

Here’s how to update your IPN settings:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. ClickProfile near the top of the page.
  3. ClickMy selling tools.
  4. ClickUpdatebeside instant payment notifications.
  5. Click "Edit Settings."
  6. ClickSaveonce done.

Thats its.

You can go back here anytime you move or change a domain name, took me a day with with techs all over to get these directions . It will be rare they are needed but now just in case.

Good luck


Note the Cal back will vary depending on software you are coming from:
However payment_callback.php is what Xenforo uses that should remain the same.
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