Wordpress & PHPBB3 Conversion


Our community is currently based on a custom skinned PHPBB3 forum. However, it has lots of limitations, and is pretty basic.

So we were looing at xen, and it looks very nice.

The only thing is, we were thinking of building the website on Wordpress, and then using xen as the forum part.

However: Is there any current way of importing PHPBB3 posts into xen? I've seen some people going PHPBB > VB > xF.

Second: Is there a xenForo integration tool/plugin? I think i saw a post about one but I cant remember or find where it was from.

Third: if I skinned/themed Wordpress, is there a way to use that Wordpress theme? If not, how are the theming options for xen?



Consider onimua's blog as blog, it's written for xenforo, so properly integrated .. making wordpress basically useless if you ask me.

That said, there's a bridge for wordpress as well, to connect with xenforo.

phpBB content to xenforo is possible via impex, it's how we at xenfans do it


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If you haven't already tried it, there's an online demo which will allow you to play with the styling system, etc.

Admin Demo

Check out the Style Properties for how to edit the style - it's completely different from phpBB (I converted myself earlier this year).
Well i'm good at html, css, javascript so i'm sure I would find out eventually.

I mean, I do prefer opening notepad++ and looking through it that way, but I guess it will have to do for now while I have a look.

If I find this Wordpress AND PHBB3 importer, there's a pretty high chance we could end up using this, seems the most up-to-date i've seen dotted about. Thing with Wordpress, i'm pretty handy with it, and know how it all works so thats the main reason why we'd like to travel down them lines.
Ah okay nice, will have to see what happens in the meantime with going to VB and then to xF.


I would post in there, but I dont have rights too :unsure:

As that is a bridge, it seems to work pretty well from what I can see. However, say if I have a site which uses a theme I have built => Header/Footer/Sidebars etc, is the forum able to sit inside in a /forum directory and basically use the theme thats running on Wordpress. Because ideally I would like the header to have a login box, and if they log in on say the homepage, they are also logged into the forums.