XF 2.2 PHPBB to Xenforo 2 - Avatar's not imported


I have run the import tool to migrate from PHPBB (3.3.1) to Xenforo (2.2.8) and everything looks good, except the the user avatars are not showing on user profiles or posts.

The weird thing is, the avatars were transferred over to the Xenforo data/avatars folder. I re-ran the import tool a second time, but just for users, and it's still not showing the avatars.

I will note that it does show the default Xenforo avatar with the letter for each user.

Thanks for any help you can provide! :)
I'm not certain but I don't think you are supposed to do this.

I was trying anything. I have redone the import on a clean install now. The avatars are still not showing. I have went through the avatar directory on Xenforo, and it appears not all the avatars are being imported, but some avatars are imported.
I feel silly! Thanks for the assistance, but I figured it out. We have two versions of the forum on our file server and I was setting the avatar directory to the wrong path. Thanks for your help!
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