Advantages moving from PHPBB to XenForo?


I have a medium sized forum with 30,000 members. The forum has been running on PHPBB since 2004 and it is has been "OK" but I can't help thinking it needs bringing into the 21st Century? I like the look of XenForo and am considering purchasing a license and migrating over but, I am just wondering what the advantages for my forum members of doing that would be?


Thanks. Personally I am all for the move but I know, yes, definitely some will complain. Is there anything for them to complain about though? Will image attachments move across ok? Is there anything we might be in danger of losing at all? One thing that does concern me is that at the moment myself and the moderators have access to a plugin called BanHammer. It makes banning spammers and removing their multiple posts a one click job. How are spammers handled within XenForo?


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My images came through fine. They were all thumbnail size though even if they were in the post so I ran a query to add the "=full" code to the bbcode. Some hyperlinks were raw code and some media links also, so not embedded. There's a fix for all of it. Just some cleanup jobs the community here can help with.

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I moved from phpbb and I wouldn't consider going back.
Same here--phpBB was always a nightmare for me. I never upgraded to the 2.x version either, since I had to modify so much of their code to keep spammers away. (I actually tried a test upgrade and never could get the forum to convert to 2.0!) I changed over from WebBBS to phpBB in 2002, and it was 2011 or 2012 when I moved it over to XenForo, using a vB license as an intermediate step.

Worse than the forum software was their support. But I keep reminding myself that I got what I paid for. 😁


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I had no issues with the software but upgrades were painful.

Support was incredible, notwithstanding that it is free software.
I originally started on a free host and after begging them for the database they finally provided a backup but it was non standard.
The phpBB dev team helped my modify the tables/columns to get it back to standard so I could import it into a standalone phpBB instance.