Is there software to convert Phpbb to Xenforo?


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Hello I currently have a community forum built on phpbb and i want to transfer it to xenforo. Before buying the xenforo license I would like to ask if there is any software where to run the whole process automatically without losing anything. Note: My community is not very large, but has a few thousand topics.
What worries me most, I do not want the photos to be lost. And don't want to be a loss of registered users when moving from one forum to another. I also want someone to assure me that some topics will not be lost.
There's no reason any data would get lost. You don't need to do the first ever run on a live forum, you can set up an XF board and do as many trial runs as you like, and it doesn't do anything to the source data at all.
because I personally do not have the necessary know-how to proceed with the process of converting my forum from phpbb to xenforo, whenever I want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and no serious errors occur. I will look to find a dedicated programmer to do this process
A programmer is not required.

The import process is straightforward and thousands of customers have imported from phpBB, VB, IPS, etc.

There is a dedicated import support forum should you have any questions or require any assistance.
Yup, the import process is simple and works reliably. However, if you do run into any technical issues that you need help with, then excellent support is available on this forum, or by logging a ticket in your Member area.

Also, I strongly recommend that you run XF on the latest versions of PHP and MySQL to benefit from the latest security and performance enhancements. I know many hosts make this difficult or impossible though, but you can create your own hosting using AWS if you're willing to put in the learning, time and effort.
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By photos do you mean attachments to posts, or something else?
I may be involved in converting a forum. I have downloaded hundreds of forum reports to save on my home computer, and photo attachments are the biggest challenge. So I would certainly want to know that photo attachments can be converted in an automated fashion from a Phpbb forum to Xenforo.
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