1. S

    Is there software to convert Phpbb to Xenforo?

    Hello I currently have a community forum built on phpbb and i want to transfer it to xenforo. Before buying the xenforo license I would like to ask if there is any software where to run the whole process automatically without losing anything. Note: My community is not very large, but has a few...
  2. FXC

    XF 2.2 Import from PHPBB (link error)?

    Hello, I followed your instructions and the manual but I have a serious error. I installed the forum, then migrated (forum under phpBB). I recover all the elements (Post, Users, PM, Files...) but in the messages, the old links are not migrated (or in signature). The URL does not change and I...
  3. nero

    Fixed phpBB-3.2 > Xenforo 2.1.11

    Hi all, I'm working on converting a phpBB-3.2 board into Xenforo. Everything seemed to run fine but after completing the migration I realize that users that were inactive in phpBB are active in Xenforo. Did I miss something? Is there any way to fix that (either before, during the import or...
  4. chrisc132

    Moving from PHPBB

    Hi there, I've just started a forum with PHPBB as there was minimal cost involved. If the forum works, then I'll be investing more in it. By that I mean, upgrading forum software and switching to Xenforo. Can you tell me if it's an easy process to migrate from the latest version of phpbb to...
  5. PadPoet

    Migrating from NodeBB to Xenforo - Some questions

    Hi there, I work as a Lead Community Manager for a mobile games company. We are considering migrating to XenForo. Some questions: - We are currently using NodeBB. Do we still need to migrate first to either phpBB or MyBB and then use one of the importers available or can it be done directly at...
  6. V

    Unmaintained Redirection Script for phpBB 3.2/3.3+ (without SEO URLs) htaccess 1.0

    This script is based on different htaccess rules posted on xenforo forums and my own editing. Requirements: This script assumes you have friendly urls enabled for Xenforo. What it will do "/viewforum.php?f=X" will redirect to "/forums/X/" and "/viewtopic.php?t=X" will redirect to...
  7. Phpbb Forum to Xenforo forum

    Phpbb Forum to Xenforo forum

    How do I switch from phpbb to xenforo?
  8. behaba62

    XF 1.5 Phpbb import : Moderators and forums permission errors

    Hello, I am contacting you because I am having a problem with a data import from Phpbb 3.0 to Xenforo 2. Since there is no phpbb migration script on version 2, I first install Xenforo 1.5 . The migration procedure fails on two steps: - when I start importing moderators, I have no errors but...
  9. B

    XF 1.5 Old url 301 to xenforo url

    hi, i use old url from a phpbb2 forum and i want to 301 to xenforo old url xttp:// title-vt2871.html new xenforo url xttps:// how can i extract the id from url (number) thank you for your help ps i use nginx
  10. T

    Migrating from phpBB 3.0.1

    Apparently it is possible to migrate an existing phpBB 3.0.1 forum to a Xenforo using the importer that comes with the regular Xenforo installation. However, I can't find a "How well it works" reference anywhere. So, can anybody tell me (from experiences) how well that importer works? Will users...
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