PHP7 upgrade - missing pecl packages - does it matter?

Stuart Wright

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My host has upgraded our sandbox to PHP7 for testing. It's all looking good. They did, however, send me this message:

It’s currently running on PHP 7.0, but i had trouble getting hold of the pecl packages and was not able to get the following:
No package php70-php-pear-HTTP-Request2 available.
No package php70-php-pecl-igbinary available.
No package php70-php-pear-Net-URL2 available.
No package php70-php-pear-Net-URL available.
No package php70-php-pear-HTTP-Request available.
No package php70-php-pecl-sqlite available.
No package php70-php-pear-Net-Socket available.

I have no idea what these do. Is it safe to assume Xenforo doesn't need them?
Most of those are actually PEAR packages (which is actually PHP code, whereas PECL is C), but no, XenForo doesn't use any of those.
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