PHP in Category Descriptions


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Text or HTML tags can be added to the category description field but has anyone figured out a way to add php?

If adding PHP is not available then in the area of the description, I would like to put my own php script. Is that possible? How would it be done?

Are we talking about an add-on which hooks to that area ? (Ugh, that's way out of my reach).
Yeah you can't just randomly add PHP to places in the code unfortunately.

You would need an add on.

What is the php you want to add there?
This might be best explained by an example: A visitor lands on and they will see the latest blog posting on education. Land on then the latest business article shows.

I'd like to do the same at the top of each category in XF; that is, show the latest title and excerpt of the latest blog posting from that category. This would be a few "simple" lines php code pulling from the WP database.

Hopefully that makes sense.
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