Add-on Personalized Email Newsletter Add-On

I did a search here and couldn't come up with what I am looking for.

I would like to be able to personalize and customize an email newsletter to my members once a month. I would like for them to be able to sign up through the forum itself.

The only add-ons I have found, like XenDigest, seem to just only allow for adding in recent threads, members, and site statistics and such. I would like for it to be something more along the lines of a Constant Contact platform where we could post photos, and type enticing messages in the main center area of the newsletter, and/or in sidebars. Adding in the recent threads and things of that nature is all good, but I want our newsletter to be a bit more "personal" and not just lists of forum threads/posts, members, and stats.

Anyone else out there use something special or 3rd party maybe even to send out monthly newsletters like this where the members can sign up through the forum and such?


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I'm looking for something similar. I would be happy if it were possible to write BBCode in the email body for the "Users --> Email Users" feature in the Admin CP. Seems a bit silly that you can only use plain text or HTML.