Lack of interest Permissions for Members to Move Their Own Threads

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It's been suggested to me in another thread that this is a terrible idea, that members would go crazy moving their threads about, but I'll just copy my response from there and paste it here, with minor editing (because I'm lazy):

Well, I can only tell you that my own experience from having allowed it on my SMF boards for the last seven years has not shown that to be the case. But then again, most of my members are older and a little more mature than some places. If they're going to put a thread in the wrong board, then they're most likely to do it when they first post it (which is especially true with my forums, because I have so many nested boards). Then they realize they made a mistake and want to move it - which means if they can't I have to, and I'd rather not be bothered. Some users have asked me to move a thread for them, assuming they couldn't or not knowing how, and I'd basically just tell them they could do it themselves, and most seemed to like that. And if I were the one moving threads and a member was obstinately moving them back to wherever, against my objections, he'd get the mod paddle just like anyone else giving me a hard time. But honestly, I can't remember ever having that problem. This is why it should be a choice for the admin, I don't need someone not allowing me to do something with my own boards simply because it might not be a good idea for others to do it.
I'll just add that a private forum, or a forum containing private boards (nodes) for members with special privileges - and maybe this could be implemented on a node to node basis also - might especially benefit from this, since there wouldn't be as much risk as there might be for some sites fully open to the public.

I've spoken to an addon developer here who says he'll implement it with his addon once Xenforo hits 1.2 gold - for which I'm thankful! - but I think it would be nice if it were a core feature.
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