Permission issue: Unregistered allowed to view threads but threads don't show in...


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I have Unregistered set to view threads by others but not to view thread content for a few forums. The threads show up correctly in the forum list but they don't show in "New Posts" (what's new & widget), "Latest Activity" (what's new) or "Overview" - "Latest Posts" (what's new).
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Liam W

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This is the correct behaviour. The 'View thread content' permission is required for all areas other than the thread list.


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If this ends up being the correct behavior, then this needs to be moved to suggestions. Hard to attract new members when the "What's New" / "Latest Activity" shows no activity when there are actually new threads. This is especially important when people use the "What's New" page as the site landing page.

Chris D

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As it stands it's intentional, but I'll move to Suggestions as you requested.

While you may have a point, I would also have to question how many new members you would actually attract in the first place if they're unable to find your content via search. Bear in mind if an unregistered guest cannot view the thread content, search engines can't either.

I feel like you would lose many more visitors that way, than you would lose visitors who are already on your site.


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Just trying to convert the most site visitors into members. I may not have their initial attention for long and if they're new to the site one of the first places they tend to go after whatever page they came in on is to my home page / what's new page. Which right now does not show all the current new thread activity.

Makes sense to me that if the information is available to a guest, then give it to them in all the most obvious places they will look for it.

A guest is less likely to see a thread in the forum list view, than they are to see it in a sidebar widget or on the what's new page. Especially if they are new to forums. Not to mention the additional thread activity being shown to guests is a better indicator to the overall activity on the site. Then we hope the guest's curiosity to see the actual thread content is enough to convert them to a member.


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Any updates on this as i have a large site and its just not cutting it since upgrading to xenforo i was attracting more customers to phpb my traffic has dropped 90% due to this problem its killed the forums completely. What is the work around so that unregistered users can view the latest activity images and posts? have searched your resources no hits for this.