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Implemented Permission to view Threads but only the content of own threads


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Brogan mentioned no one has asked for/suggested it before, as for why I need it I'll post up what I put in the question I asked yesterday.

I'm trying to make it possible that people can create and view threads they've created in a sub-forum but I also want it so they can see that threads from other users exist but cannot actually view the thread content.

Unless I've missed something it seems that I can only have it so that that users can create threads and see that their thread and other people's exists but are unable to view their own thread or I can have it so that that users can create and view their own threads but also everyone else's as well. For me this creates a (small) problem because I'm running a competition (and often run competitions of this sort) where people want to see how many other entries there have been and by who but can't be allowed to see those entries until the end of the competition.

Is there any way I could achieve what I wanted permissions wise, maybe I've missed an option or something.

The site is running 1.1b2.
I think it's a little thing that would be quite useful in some situations.