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Permission Improvements [Paid] 1.2.2

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Xon submitted a new resource:

Permission Improvements - Quality of life improvements to the XF permission UX

Quality of life improvements to the XF permission UX
  • Add filtering by permissions to various permission lists
  • Add "Thread permissions" to Analyze permissions feature
    • Injects if a user is reply-banned or banned
    • 3rd party Add-ons which add per-thread permissions are likely not supported
    • Supports the following add-on per thread permissions:
      • Thread Reply Ban Teeth
      • Collaborative Threads
      • User Essentials

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@Xon Does support Buy Account Upgrades on No Permissions page? If the page is accessible to usergroups that are available through account upgrades, then display a page to purchase the related account upgrades. This will give the user an instant possibility to gain access to the content they want to access. All they have to do is purchase the upgrade with a few clicks.
This add-on currently only does admincp improvements to the permissions UI (I've got a couple more ideas such as putting than 'analyse permissions' button in a few places. It was a private add-on for a few months before release.
does this have any kind of, "user can lock/unlock" own threads type thing?

That is part of my User Essentials add-on:

This add-on will report, those per-thread permissions when using the thread analyse feature.
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