XF 1.3 PayPal Alternate Accounts


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I have a question with regards to PayPal.

A vendor would like to have a private forum on our community boards with only a new usergroup able to visit.

We already have a premium group, which payments are handled by our own paypal account.

For the new usergroup I'd like to be able to insert the paypal address of the vendor so they can take care of the financial side.

Reading the 1.3 release of XF I thought it would be possible to add an alternative paypal address for another non-default usergroup update but beside the field for "alternate account" i am not able to assign this alternate account to the new upgrade.

Have i misunderstood this feature?


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Have i misunderstood this feature?
In short, yes. The system still really only supports a single account. The alternate account option is mostly to solve a specific issue involving subscriptions where the account email may change over time.


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Thanks Mike. Is there a work around available or a mod you know of that would achieve the same: doing a payment via a second paypal address?