Fixed Password visibility toggle missing cursor: pointer

Lukas W.

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Hovering the visibility toggle of password input fields keeps the cursor at default instead of switching to pointer to indicate a clickable action.

Chris D

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It has the same behaviour as a checkbox - in fact, it is a checkbox, that uses the eye icon rather than the box/checked box icon. So it's really just inherently the same behaviour as that so it doesn't really feel appropriate to make changes here.

Lukas W.

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I think the look should have more weight here than the underlying functionality. Various similar elements do have a pointer cursor. Having elements look the same but not behave the same is a weird concept, regardless of their underlying html structure.

Color inputs & spinbox buttons to name two examples:



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I agree with @Lukas W., it's not obvious for the user that this "checkbox" is actually clickable and triggers and action if clicked.

A normally styled checkbox on the other hand is easily recognized as being clickable.


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I understand the argument posed by @Chris D that it is a checkbox (per code), and therefore should 'function' as one.

With that said, I would side with @Lukas W. on this one because its design is not what you would see as a standard checkbox (a box, either plain HTML or stylized with CSS to appear as a box)--it's an eye.

It's an eye like on most platforms.

Even though Google, etc., don't utilize (from what I can tell, just inspecting Google but can't replicate the cursor in a screenshot) the checkbox method to "show password", they do implement the pointer over the cursor because it is a clickable action, and not a selectable one as a checkbox would be, per se.

Google's sign in screen (show password is a pointer):


Therefore, my argument would be standardization across platforms to alleviate user experience confusion.