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Password Tools 2.3.5

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Can you provide an example password that causes this error? Maybe per private conversation if that is more convenient for you.
Using XenForo 1.5 I encountered some issues.

My settings:

Gif (As you can see I've removed the password hiding for this):

The gif should show all of them quite good, but anyway here a list:
  1. You say you do not require Font Awesome. But as you can see at the broken symbols at the right, it does not seem like this. (default XenForo style)
  2. The indicator at the right are a kind of unsynchronised. So the one in the second line can show 'okay' while the one in the first line shows 'not okay'.

Edit: Okay, I thin k I know now what the second symbol should mean - it just checks whether the password is the same. All right. :)
Today I've seen this applied in a registration page:


here: Content Delivery Network |

Very cool and useful.
This is potentially possible with zxcvbn, but as it already prints out the time, there'd be problems with the translation, so I decided to leave it away for now.
As you licensed your Add-on with an MIT license, what do you think about uploading it to GitHub or another repository hoster?
You could probably "translate" the dicitonary used by the algorithm, but you'd need a weightened graph distribution for that, no idea where to get that from for the required language(s). I'd definitly step back from the idea to do it multi-language though, as the tables are getting exponentially bigger if you fill them with different languages, resulting in immense calculations.
This seems a fantastic add-on... Is it all working now without the bugs mentioned?
Genuinely seems a brilliant, my only worry is any bugs that may prevent registrations. Going by the posts it seems all resolved?
Getting an error code when trying to install it with xenforo 1.5.3

"Developer: default_value is not a valid array (KL_PasswordStrengthMeter_blacklist)"
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