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Unmaintained Password Tools 2.3.5

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@Xon was a pleasure to work with when adding the Pwned Password (by HaveIBeenPwned) feature that I commissioned him to add. The integration works better than requested with the ability to configure minimum count and caching. This is an addon that all forum owners should consider using to not only better secure their forums but protect their users.
Best addon! This password would be generator or strong a type more than weak type a bit four / five.
Awesome addon, great addition for any forum and it's integrated very seamlessly out of the box. I can't think of any reason not to use this addon :b
Confirmed working on the latest xenforo version 1.5.3! :)

This is pretty much needed for any type of forum.
Great add-on to increase the discipline of password choice. Stable performance and easy to adjust with plenty of style properties out of the box and full customization with CSS.
This is a really nice addon. It works without any problems, is open-source (MIT license) and looks nice.
Great to improve the password strength of the users. Suggestions and improvements are implemented in each update. working perfect in 1.5 Thanks @katsulynx ★★★★★
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