XF 1.3 Password Reset Not Working

I'm having a problem with the email that is currently working on the host itself. For some reason, it is sending links, but links with errors for some reason.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank You.
Yes, this hasn't worked. For some reason, the email is working, but I'm getting server error logs. Also, as an effect of that, I'm also having issues with the password reset links. The email is sending just the link is giving a faulty link, which just leads to error on the forum website when you click on that link.


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The link you've given reflects a board URL other than the one you have entered. It reflects a Board URL with "/index.php" applied (note the description of the option). I would guess you changed this since the email was sent?
Yes, I've changed the board URL which is now just without the "index.php".

Nevermind it does work.


Also, is there a way that someone could actually change the password themselves instead of the forums sending a password?