Password controls - Banning bad passwords - i.e. rockyou.txt


Just made a long post to my users who have not updated their passwords in years. This was done because one of my users contacted me bright and early that he received an email with his site password in the Subject line.

Supposedly the attacker was going to release videos and images of the users' pleasures to the world if he didn't cough up 10 bitcoin or whatever. Naturally, the user was concerned, so I had him forward the email with headers to me.

From: Wilkins@someattackerurlblahblah.blah
To: foo@bar.baz
Sent: 1/25/2021 3:38:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
Subject: meeeeee

You can lead them to water...

For some examples in my 'Change your damn password' post, I used the classic rockyou.txt for examples of 'this is why you need to rotate passwords and enable 2fa, rate limiting to /login, etc' there's something like +14 million examples of compromised passwords in the version I have.

One of the interesting things I discovered was that the password strength indicator does warn a bit- but there are many 'strong' passwords in rockyou.txt that the password strength declares ' This is a very strong password.' - and they are not.

I'm not proposing a table for comparing 150MB of compromised passwords to what the user enters. But we need some more password controls.

Also, if I'm 'doing' it wrong in my analysis of why this user got this email - I need to know where to look, cause I don't see a config issue in my setup. I did enable rate limiting to the /login page in my nginx config.

Any advice?

Arguably the biggest single change members can make is to implement 2FA.
I posted instructions and have been specifically urging Council (Admins and Mods) to implement it. Not sure of the uptake. The lack of support requests suggests "not many". :(
It can be forced if you really want to do that.


There is also a separate option just for accessing the ACP.

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