XF 2.2 Passwords not working after phpBB import



I just wanted to follow up on this thread as we've been attempting something similar, but can't seem to get any passwords to work, so I was curious if this was still current.

We have passwords working in phpBB 3.3.3 and we're trying to do a conversion over to the latest XenForo, and we've tried the default conversion, and then tried making the adjustment above, but we just can't seem to get any passwords to work.

This community turns 20 years old on May 21 (I've managed it the whole time! :)) and we have members who routinely show up after being gone for 2, 5, 8, even 10 years and come back, and their email addresses are, in many cases, probably out of date, so trying to limit the password reset as much as possible. Willing to spend some time on it and even employ a custom solution, but would appreciate any tips or pushes in the right direction.

I appreciate your time and help!


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